Absolute Auction

Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer Describes Absolute Auction What does Absolute Auction mean? You are interested in an upcoming auction. While reading all the information looking for the buyer’s premium and terms and conditions, you see the words “absolute auction”. You wonder what exactly that is. Well, fret not! Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer has the answer for you. “I get asked a lot of questions about auctions,” Myers says. “Questions about all aspects of the auction. As well as questions about some of the terminology heard at an auction. Absolute and reserve auctions are just a couple of those questions.” A big smile spreads across his face as he adds, “and let me tell you, America’s Auctioneer loves answering all of your questions! Keep them coming. I’ll answer any and all of them.” To begin with, an absolute auction is an auction in which no reserve has been set. This means that the property, be it real or personal, will sell to the highest bidder. The seller accepts the highest bid regardless of the amount. In some instances, this produces a large group of interested bidders. Since there is no reserve price bidders can offer what they are willing to pay for the property at auction. Sometimes multiple bidder interest in an item can create a bidding war and drive the final price higher than anticipated. Then there are still some instances in which the bidder gets a good deal on an item. If you want to hear the famous three words of Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer, “Sold! Sold! Sold!” contact him today. When you need an auctioneer for your personal property, fundraiser or veteran benefit auction, look no further than Myers Jackson. In fact, he is a licensed auctioneer in several regions of the USA. Be it the northeastern state of Pennsylvania. Or the southeastern states of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia. Indiana in the Midwest or the southcentral state of Texas. Contact Myers today at 411@myersjackson.com or call 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828.