Personal Property Terms and Conditions

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Hire an Auctioneer to Sell Your Real Estate

Hire an Auctioneer to Sell Your Real Estate Think with Instincts of An Auctioneer and Sell Homes . Think like an Auctioneer, sell your property using traditional tools… Auctioneers tend to be creative. Naturally I am not saying Real Estate professionals are not creative. However, many times Auctioneers are trained in different processes. Case in point, for decades Auctioneers have negotiated up and very rarely go backwards. GO BACKWARDS, REALTORS say that is not correct, there are only negotiations. Auctioneers may have a difference of opinion. Let’s look: A listing is potentially placed on the market in the MLS at a price higher than the appraised value or a listing price which is above the real asking price that the seller wishes. In most cases, but not all, an offer comes in lower than the asking price. WHY: because it’s the job of the buyer to get the best deal possible. Now, in situations the offers may escalate upward, and that is a good thing. However, in most cases the offer is less than the asking price. Think like an Auctioneer, find out where the prospective buyers’ price points really fall in line. Auctioneers have the unique ability to do this. Ok, let’s say we are in front of a piece of . The property is very sought after, the listing agent as well as buyers agents expect multiple offers. Regular Real Estate Agents: Evaluate the listing price & make suggestions to seller. Examine the paperwork as offers are submitted. Decipher the information from multiple sources. Talk with seller about the information as submitted. Evaluate the money offer vs. the conditional offers. Negotiate terms, pricing, conditions in the stack as offers evolve. Real Estate Auctioneer: Talk with seller about goals and objectives. Speak definitively about reserves (what the bottom line is). Explain the difference between and Reserve Sales. Set in advance. Publish the approved terms. Start evaluating offers as hands of interest are in the air. Negotiate up to the highest possible price acceptable to the seller. Do not negotiate on the contingency terms of buyers not qualified. Would you like a no-obligation conference to see how I negotiate the highest possible price for your property? Click here if you want to save money on the sale of your home: Let me show you how to save major money utilizing competitive bidding procedures. Call me Toll Free at 844-400-AUCTION, that's 844-400-2828. Read More

Steps for Registering

Steps for Registering Steps for Registering Welcome to our page! You are here for an auction, or two, or three. While you are here check out all that we have to offer and learn about what we are doing. In order to bid on our auctions, you will need to register. First as a new user, then again for each auction you are interested in. We will walk you through the necessary steps. 1. Go to ; 2. For first time users, Click on “Register”; 3. Create an account with valid information; 4. Read and Agree to the Specific and ; 5. Choose the auction(s) you wish to bid in 6. Click on “Terms” to read any special terms for the specific auction; 7. Make your best offer! We appreciate your support! Be sure to visit often as we have auctions and events taking place year-round. For questions on registering call Toll Free at 844-400-2828. Thank you for your support! Read More

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Myers Jackson America's Auctioneer Bio

Myers Jackson America's Auctioneer Bio Myers Jackson Bio Myers Jackson Bio as America’s Auctioneer is entering 20-years as a professional auctioneer, Myers Jackson specializes in , including personal property and in the U.S. and abroad. Currently the Development Director for the, a nationally recognized Veterans Organization with a mission to listen, learn and observe the needs of veterans and their families aid in education, vocations, training, support and service. Serving in the Unites States Marine Corps, Myers understand’s the meaning of SEMPER FI and pledges to always be faithful while leading a cause worthy of National attention. Call Myers Toll Free at 844-400-2828 Myers Jackson Bio: Education Myers Jackson is an Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate, Auction Technology Specialist and e-PRO. He holds a Certified Estate Specialist Designation while being a member of Certified Auctioneer Institute. He has obtained the skills training to conduct auctions in the pursuit of the prestigious Benefit Auctioneers Specialist. Myers Jackson Bio: Licensed Broker and Auctioneer Additionally Myers is a Real Estate Broker in Multiple States and licensed as a Real Estate Broker in Texas with Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc., however he works with Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Auctioneers across the USA. Although selling real estate only requires an Auctioneers Licenses in some states, Myers has secured Real Estate Licenses in order to be more able to serve his clients and is available to conduct Auctions in over 30 states. Myers Jackson Bio: Search Engine Optimization Call Myers Toll Free at 844-400-2828 He has advanced training in search engine strategies with optimized marketing skills. This training integrated with social media applications allows buyers and sellers to access highly visible results. Just search “America’s Auctioneer Myers Jackson” Myers Jackson Bio: Champion Auctioneer He has served as the Past President of The Georgia Auctioneers Association and is the current President of the Florida Auctioneers Association, while being a member of the National Auctioneers Associations for the past 15 years. One of the top ranked Auctioneers in the world garnering The South East Regional Champion, Sunshine Invitation Reserve Champion, Georgia State Champion, Florida State Champion and Winning the Chuck Cumberland Sportsmanship Award in 2016 during the International Auctioneers Championship. Myers Jackson Bio: Hobbies His hobby as a practicing photographer allows his free time to be spent with world class compositions of great subject matter evolving to create nice conversations. Additionally, Myers has secured a position as the Chief Auctioneer for the DIY NetWorks “Texas Flip and Move”. Filming over 100 episodes of the DIY Networks number 1 show. Filming onsite in Fort Worth and DFW areas the TV Reality Series has garnered support throughout the world. Children and adults alike relish the fact that Texas Flip and Move gives the opportunity for a down home feel with programming the whole family can enjoy. Myers Jackson Bio: Request a Proposal This packet contains promotional material designed for informational use only. Samples are provided as an outline that should be considered when entering into future agreements under your advise of council. , Closing Costs, Guarantees are subject to contractual agreements. Available upon request: Myers Jackson is duly licensed, bonded and insured working with qualified brokers and auctioneers in the international community. Message or Contact: 844.400.AUCTION | | Text or Call: 469-460-4848 | | Available: Read More

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New Mexico Real Estate Broker

New Mexico Real Estate Broker New Mexico Real Estate Broker More than twenty years after first becoming licensed as a real estate broker, Myers Jackson is licensed as a real estate agent/broker in a dozen states. One of which is New Mexico where he hold license #20206. Like all states, New Mexico has requirements for the licensing of real estate brokers. First, three 30-hour pre-licensing courses must be completed. These three courses are: Broker Basics, Real Estate Law, and Real Estate Principles and Practice. Certificates of completion for these courses shall to be submitted with the application form. Licensees do have the option to waive part of those hours. Brokers or salespersons residing in another state, for instance, can petition to waive 60 of the 90 hours. To do this, a certified license history for the state of residence must indicate the completion of the Real Estate Principles and Practice as well as Real Estate Law. Meaning the applicant only needs to take the Broker Basics course. This is a 30-hour classroom course with no online options available. New Mexico Real Estate Broker Making the Grade Moreover, applicants have 90 days to acquire a passing grade on both the state and national broker exams. In New Mexico, associate brokers and brokers are the same therefore the exam is the same. A score of at least a 75 is needed to pass. Other requirements are finger prints and the non-refundable application fee. Therefore, contact Myers Jackson New Mexico Real Estate Broker #20206 for your real estate for sale. During our current situation, there is no need to leave the house. Everything can be done online. Myers will work with you to create a plan. Then get to work right away getting your property listed and marketing it online. Contact Myers today at 844-400-AUCTION. That’s 844-400-2828. Read More

multiple offer management by myers jackson

Multiple Offer Management

Multiple Offer Management Multiple Offer Management In today’s world of real estate, buying and selling is the key to a thriving neighborhood. This involving multiple styles of communities nationwide. In some spaces of the real estate sector, Real Property may not sale as quickly as it will in others. However, in the city, town or countryside the questions of multiple offers arise. Now, to some, managing multiple offers involves the spreading out of 15 contracts on the dining room table. Then sorting through all of the details. Only to be left with just a few options concentrating on the needs of the seller. Imagine all of this instead happening in an APP or a program management system. Actually, that is available right now. Infact, Auctioneers have been managing multiple offers for centuries. Over a thousand years’ worth of practice with an Auctioneer at the helm. In most instances Real Estate Auctioneers represent owners with a Sellers Agency Agreement. Simply put, that means that the Auctioneer represents the seller. Terms and conditions are carefully crafted in advance explaining the rules of the Auction Sale. All that’s left is negotiating the price. As a matter of fact, this is where multiple offer management comes into play. The Auctioneer negotiates the price with his/her bid chant. The bid chant is that recognizable rhythmic persuasion tool rolling from the tongues of auctioneers far and wide. Therefore, consumers are beginning to understand that buying and selling a home at auction is a painless process. As a result, Real Estate auctions are growing in popularity. What has been a component in obtaining this? “Education is the key,” says Myers Jackson, licensed as a Real Estate Broker, Agent and Auctioneer in as many as 12 states. “The buyers understand the terms in advance, all they have to do is bid up to the price they are willing to pay,” Jackson explains adding that “Multiple Offer Management is a business tool and quite effective.” But wait. Bidding what a buyer is willing to pay? Don’t be confused by the question. It is pretty simple. Recognizing your budget and negotiating with the Auctioneer up to your price. If someone is willing to pay more, there is nothing lost. There is, however, a multiple gain. You understand more about the process. Now you have experience. You have improved your negotiating skills. Time to get ready for the next auction. Now Real Estate and Personal Property are sold at auction. Say you are in the Real Estate scene and you are interested in negotiating the best deal possible. Then you need to get involved in auctions. And ask the Auctioneer questions. Such as if there is a . Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of the purchase and sale agreement. Read the in detail. All that is left to do is to pay your price. However, it is necessary for you to bid in order to be entered to win. Furthermore, multiple offer management may help buyers more than they realize. The Auctioneer’s style of multiple offer management is open and transparent. Maybe a live event or property sells with online bidding. In most cases registered participants can see bids as they are recorded or, perhaps, as they roll off of the Auctioneer’s tongue. Moreover, Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer has real estate experience which dates back to 1997 as a real estate agent. Becoming a Real Estate Broker in 1998. Then extending into the practice of Auctioneering at the turn of the millennium in June of 2000. For additional questions, Myers may be contacted at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828. Read More

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New York Real Estate Broker

New York Real Estate Broker New York has the country’s fourth multitudinous population of over 19 million (2017). The state’s capital is Albany. However, the city which most commonly comes to mind when thinking of the Empire State is actually the state’s largest. New York City. Also known as the city that never sleeps. Ideally, people with real property for sale in New York want a highly skilled and devoted realtor. New York real estate broker Myers Jackson #10351213737 is tireless in his efforts of getting the best price for his clients. During a transaction with a buyer or a seller there are necessary forms and documents to study and sign. One such form is the New York State Disclosure Form for Buyer and Seller. This form is the first form Myers Jackson #10351213737 presents to a buyer or seller. “New York State Disclosure Form for Buyer and Seller THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT New York State law requires real estate licensees who are acting as agents of buyers or sellers of property to advise the potential buyers or sellers with whom they work of the nature of their agency relationship and the rights and obligations it creates. This disclosure will help you to make informed choices about your relationship with the real estate broker and its sales agents. Throughout the transaction you may receive ore than one disclosure form. The law may require each agent assisting in the transaction to present you with this disclosure form. A real estate agent is a person qualified to advise about real estate. If you need legal, tax or other advice, consult with a professional in that field. Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationships Seller’s Agent A seller’s agent is an agent who is engaged by a seller to represent the seller’s interests. The seller’s agent does this by securing a buyer for the seller’s home at a price and on terms acceptable to the seller. A seller’s agent has, without limitation, the following fiduciary duties to the seller: reasonable care, undivided loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, obedience and duty to account. A seller’s agent does not represent the interests of the buyer. The obligations of a seller’s agent are also subject to any specific provisions set forth in an agreement between the agent and the seller. In dealings with the buyer, a seller’s agent should (a) exercise reasonable skill and care in performance of the agent’s duties; (b) deal honestly, fairly and in good faith; and (c) disclose all facts known to the agent materially affecting the value or desirability of property, except as otherwise provided by law. Buyer’s Agent A buyer’s agent is an agent who is engaged by a buyer to represent the buyer’s interest. The buyer’s agent does this by negotiating the purchase of a home at a price and on terms acceptable to the buyer. A buyer’s agent has, without limitation, the following fiduciary duties to the buyer: reasonable care, undivided loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, obedience and duty to account. A buyer’s agent does not represent the interest of the seller. The obligations of a buyer’s agent are also subject to any specific provisions set forth in an agreement between the agent and the buyer. In dealings with the seller, a buyer’s agent should (a) exercise reasonable skill and care in the performance of the agent’s duties; (b) deal honestly, fairly and in good faith; and (c) disclose all facts known to the agent materially affecting the buyer’s ability and/or willingness to perform a contract to acquire seller’s property that are not consistent with the agent’s fiduciary duties to the buyer. Broker’s Agents A broker’s agent is an agent that cooperates or is engaged by a listing agent or a buyer’s agent (but does not work for the same firm as the listing agent or buyer’s agent) to assist the listing agent or buyer’s agent in locating a property to sell or buy, respectively, for the listing agent’s seller or the buyer agent’s buyer. The broker’s agent does not have a direct relationship with the buyer or seller and the buyer or seller cannot provide instructions or direction directly to the broker’s agent. The buyer and the seller therefore do not have vicarious liability for the acts of the broker’s agent. The listing agent or buyer’s agent do provide direction and instruction to the broker’s agent and therefore the listing agent or buyer’s agent will have liability for the acts of the broker’s agent. Dual Agent A real estate broker may represent both the buyer and the seller if both the buyer and seller give their informed consent in writing. In such a dual agency situation, the agent will not be able to provide the full range of fiduciary duties to the buyer and seller. The obligations of an agent are also subject to any specific provisions set forth in an agreement between the agent, and the buyer and seller. An agent acting as a dual agent must explain carefully to both the buyer and seller that the agent is acting for the other party as well. The agent should also explain the possible effects of dual representation, including that by consenting to the dual agency relationship the buyer and seller are giving up their right to undivided loyalty. A buyer or seller should carefully consider the possible consequence of a dual agency relationship before agreeing to such representation. A seller or buyer may provide advance informed consent to dual agency by indicating the same on this form. Dual Agent with Designated Sales Agents If the buyer and seller provide their informed consent in writing, the principals and the real estate broker who represents both parties as a dual agent may designate a sales agent to represent the buyer and another sales agent to represent the seller. A sales agent works under the supervision of the real estate broker. With the informed consent of the buyer and the seller in writing, the designated sales agent for the buyer will function as the buyer’s agent representing the interests of and advocating on behalf of the buyer and the designated sales agent for the seller will function as the seller’s agent representing the interests of and advocating on behalf of the seller in the negotiations between the buyer and seller. A designated sales agent cannot provide the full range of fiduciary duties to the landlord or tenant. A designated sales agent cannot provide full range of fiduciary duties to the buyer or seller. The designated sales agent must explain that like the dual agent under whose supervision they function, they cannot provide undivided loyalty. A buyer or seller should carefully consider the possible consequences of a dual agency relationship with designated sales agents before agreeing to such representation. A seller or buyer provide advance informed consent to dual agency with designated sales agents by indicating the same on this form. This form was provided to me by _______________________of___________________________ (Print Name of Licensee) (Print Name of Company, Firm Or Brokerage) a licensed real estate broker acting in the interest of the : o Seller as a (check relationship below) o Seller’s Agent o Buyer’s Agent o Buyer as a (check relationship below) o Buyer’s Agent o Seller’s Agent o Dual Agent o Dual Agent with Designated Sales Agent For advanced informed consent to either dual agency or dual agency with designated sales agents complete section below: o Advanced Informed Consent Dual Agency o Advanced Informed Consent to Dual Agency with Designated Sales Agents If dual agent with designated sales agents is indicated above:_____________________is appointed to represent the buyer; and _______________________ is appointed to represent the seller in this transaction. I (We)_________________________________ acknowledge receipt of a copy of this disclosure form: Signature of o Buyer(s) and/or o Seller(s) ______________________________________ _________________________________________ ______________________________________ _________________________________________ Date:_________________________________ Date:__________________________________”* Therefore, when New Yorkers have real property for sale or to purchase, they have a talented broker on their side. Myers Jackson #10351213737 works diligently to secure the best price and outcome for his clients. His dedication is unrivaled. As well as having twenty years of real estate experience. Coupled with his incredible auctioneer experience and advanced marketing skills. In fact buying or selling real estate at auction is extremely beneficial. For the buyer, you pay only what you are willing to pay. For the seller, your property is seen by a larger audience. This can produce more interest in your property. Which may then drive up the price it sells for. Furthermore, visit Myers’s website to see his previous real estate success. Call him today to schedule a meeting. No matter where in New York you are, he will come to you. Also download his FREE bidding app available for iPhone and Andriod or by going to With the app you can follow Myers Jackson #10351213737 as he travels the country selling real estate at auction. You may even see your real property on the app. But before you can, you MUST hire New York real estate broker Myers Jackson #10351213737. He may also be reached by calling 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828. *= Read More

myers jackson pennsylvania real estate auctioneer

Pennsylvania Real Estate Auctioneer

Pennsylvania Real Estate Auctioneer        Pennsylvania real estate is available throughout the Keystone State. Chances are pretty likely that a few of the more than 12 million people in its population have some real estate to sell. The great news is that a highly skilled auctioneer with eighteen years of experience swinging the gavel is available for hire. Myers Jackson CAI, AARE, CES, BAS, ATS, e-Pro #AU005771. Now, when it comes to selling Pennsylvania real estate at auction, you want a broker/auctioneer who is not afraid to get his boots dirty. Or wet. Not only does Myers Jackson #AU005771 come with years of experience, he also has some outstanding accolades and accreditations. To begin with, Myers Jackson #AU005771 is one of the world’s top ranked and accredited real estate auctioneers (AARE). He is a member of the Certified Auctioneer Institute and the National Auctioneers Association. Myers is an Auction Technology Specialist (ATS), Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) and Certified Estate Specialist (CES). As well, Myers Jackson #AU005771 has earned some incredible recognition throughout his career. Florida State Champion. Georgia State Champion. South East Regional Champion. Sunshine Invitation Reserve Champion. And in 2016 at the International Auctioneers Championship he received the prestigious Chuck Cumberlin Sportsmanship Award. So what does this mean for the Pennsylvania real estate for sale? This means that an outstanding Pennsylvania real estate broker/auctioneer is ready to bring his expertise to the front steps. Not only does he have years of experience under his belt, he has superlative marketing skills as well. These coupled with his 20 years of swinging his Texas-size gavel produces results. Moreover, for Pennsylvania mountain land for sale hire Pennsylvania Real Estate Auctioneer Myers Jackson #U005771. For Pennsylvania farm, recreational or waterfront land for sale, hire Myers Jackson #AU005771. When it comes to Pennsylvania country homes for sale, hire Pennsylvania Real Estate Auctioneer Myers Jackson #AU005771. Even for Pennsylvania lakefront or multi-family homes for sale, hire Myers Jackson #AU005771. Hire a broker/auctioneer who has been and will continue to get property #soldsoldsold! Visit his website at or call him at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828. Read More

pennsylvania real estate online bidding

Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker

Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker         Pennsylvania consists of some picturesque landscapes. From rolling mountains to the clear waters that these mountains sometimes tower above. Throughout Pennsylvania’s more than 28 million acres is a variety of real estate potential. When it comes to Pennsylvania real estate, make sure to have a dedicated realtor with years of experience on your side. As a matter of fact, Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #SBR003174 is an ideal choice. Twenty years ago Myers Jackson #SBR003174 became a licensed broker in Florida. That would lead to quite an incredible career. Not only is Myers Jackson #SBR003174 a top notch real estate broker, he is also a highly skilled auctioneer. Bringing those two talents together Myers Jackson’s #SBR003174 real estate auctions bring results. In fact, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 has been traveling the U.S. selling at auction various real property. Coast to coast. Big towns to small cities. Far back roads to the countryside. Even internationally. From homes full of years of memorabilia, even some classic cars. To a luxury home where he took a dive in his best boots, hat, suit and tie. Indeed, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 had to meet and or pass specific criteria to receive his Pennsylvania Broker license. He is a high school graduate over the age of 18 successfully completing a prescribed 240 hours in real estate instruction. Then there is the passing of the broker license exam as well as the end of course exam. Notably Myers Jackson #SBR003174 is a busy man traveling city to city conducting real estate auctions. Rarely is he seen slowing down to catch a breath. What may seem to appear as such is in reality his efforts in brushing up on or continuing his knowledge. Furthermore, once receiving a license he does not stop and call it good enough. He continues onward to the next license. Some states, such as the state of Pennsylvania, require a broker to also carry an auctioneer license in order to sell real estate at auction. Myers Jackson additionally carries an auctioneer license in the state of Pennsylvania. He successfully completes and meets all necessary requirements receiving all that a state requires. Then he is on to the next state. For this very reason, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 is a licensed broker and/or auctioneer in nearly thirty U.S. states. Now, what does this mean for the state of Pennsylvania? This means when it comes to land for sale in Pennsylvania, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 can sell it. Whether it is eastern, northern, southern or western Pennsylvania land for sale. Even land for sale in central Pennsylvania. Contact Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #SBR003174. Let him bring his dedication and experience to the Pennsylvania real estate you have for sale. You will be so glad you did as soon as you hear those three victorious words…”sold, sold, sold!” Read More

Georgia Real Estate Broker

Georgia Real Estate Broker

Georgia Real Estate Broker In Georgia are three of sixteen 2018 Bliss Award Winning Communities of the year. Each of the three are on Georgia lakes. Two on Lake Oconee and one on Lake Lanier. Certainly this makes real estate property in these areas that much more appealing. Whether that property is in the cozy country, one of many friendly neighborhoods or waterfront. Whichever your preference may be, Georgia Real Estate Broker (#219186) Myers Jackson will make the process stress-free. Now there are various reasons for looking to move to Georgia. Miles of spectacular acreage is blanketed under mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Take the family pet for a walk at the park. Go on a family bicycle ride around the city. Relax lakeside while enjoying the fellowship of family and friends. You may be relocating for work. Ready for some new scenery. Or even retiring. On your quest to find your new Georgia home, a real estate broker is necessary. As a matter of fact, Myers Jackson is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Georgia-license #219186. In Georgia there are 4 different types of real estate licenses. Myers Jackson operates under the Broker license. With this license Myers Jackson as “a broker may perform any real estate brokerage act that requires a real estate license in Georgia. Both individuals and firms may be licensed as brokers. In order to be active in real estate brokerage, an individual licensed as a broker must be affiliated with a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a partnership, or a limited liability company that is also licensed as a broker.”* Moreover, Myers Jackson meets each of Georgia’s nine requirements necessary for obtaining a Broker License. Of course the first three requirements were met by Myers Jackson prior to applying for his Broker License. He has no criminal background, is a couple of years over 21 and is a high school graduate. Requirements 4 and 6 he has been acquiring throughout his career. Twenty years in real estate has equipped Myers Jackson with incredible education and experience in real estate. Meaning his passing of requirement number 5-the examination-with flying colors. Paying all due fees, requirement 7, granted Myers Jackson his Broker License. Requirements 8 and 9 now go hand in hand. In order to maintain his Active Status (#8) he must complete Continuing Education (#9). That continuing education consists of 36 hours of approved course work throughout each renewal period of four years. In fact, in 1998 Myers Jackson received his Real Estate Broker License. Twenty years later he holds licensure in 27 states. He has been selling properties all over the U.S. as well as abroad. His most recent sale in Georgia was in September. Indeed, there are two categories of Georgia real estate brokerage relationships. The Broker-Client and the Broker-Customer. First is the Broker-Client. Myers Jackson the broker represents the client as a legal agent for the buying or selling of real estate. Georgia requires those in this relationship must have a written agreement. Some of the information this agreement details are: method by which Myers Jackson will be paid; Myers Jackson’s role in client confidentiality; agency or client relationships that Myers Jackson is offering. This category consists of four brokerage relationships. Buyer Agency, Designated Agency, Dual Agency and Seller Agency. Second is the Broker-Customer. In this role Myers Jackson is not representing the customer legally or as an agency. Although, Myers Jackson may still assist the customer by: locating desired property; drawing up and presenting the customer with contracts upon request. Brokers May Help Parties Other Than Their Clients and Transaction Broker are the two relationships in this category. Therefore, when it comes time to look for a Georgia real estate broker, look no further than Myers Jackson. *=Georgia MLS Training Institute Read More

oklahoma real estate broker, myers jackson

Oklahoma Real Estate Broker

Oklahoma Real Estate Broker He is affectionately known across the country as America’s Auctioneer. And for good reason! Myers Jackson will go anywhere from California to Florida and all the states between. He will even go internationally. Auctioning everything from personal property such as collectibles and tools. To homes-be it the fixer upper needing moving to the grandiose luxury homes. As a matter of fact, he has been auctioneering for 20 years. Myers has not just been driving around state to state, sale to sale, auctioning items and homes. Long before becoming the Auctioneer for the DIY Network’s hit reality series Texas Flip and Move, he was learning. Learning the profession and ways to bring it into an era of technology that is constantly improving and updating. For example, one area of specialty for Myers is his extensive training in search engine optimization. Creating an edge for Myers in marketing his live, simulcast and online only auctions. In addition to the knowledge he has been attaining, are his certifications and acknowledgements. Myers is a member of the Certified Auctioneer Institute and National Auctioneer Association. He is as well a Benefit Auction Specialist and a Certified Estate Specialist. He is a winner of the 2016 Chuck Cumberlain Sportsmanship Award. In fact, Myers also carries certifications as a real estate broker in many states. The most recent being the state of Oklahoma in late April. And he isn’t done yet. He is already working on attaining another state as well. But being a real estate broker is nothing new for Myers. More than twenty years ago he became a real estate broker in his home state of Florida. Now he is a real estate broker in more than twenty states across the U.S. Indeed many of us have heard that the sky is the limit. However, these words are not true of Myers. For him there is no limit. Goals, though, those are what are important to Myers. And he achieves every one he sets. Nothing gets in his way while he is reaching for the goal at hand. He is traveling state to state scheduling auctions and preparing for those upcoming. He is in multiple time zones a week, sometimes in the same day. He is in the air or behind the wheel. All the while studying and testing for brokers licenses. Truly there are numerous reasons that Myers is a role model to children and adults alike. He is proof that working hard leads to success. It may not always be a cushy ride, but if the effort is put into it, the end result is well worth it. Here is a man who was in his early thirties when he began his journeys into real estate and auctioneering. Today he is adored everywhere he goes. His black hat, smile, Texas-size gavel and voice are recognizable by fans coast to coast. Therefore, when it comes time to sell your home or property, there is no question as to whom to call. Visit Myers’s website at to view his previous successful real estate auctions. While there, check out his real estate auctions coming up in multiple states. Yes, Myers is always busy. However, he is never too busy to meet wherever you are to help you get your property sold, sold, sold. Read More

Mississippi Licensed Auctioneer

Mississippi Licensed Auctioneer

Mississippi Licensed Auctioneer Twenty years ago this month Myers Jackson began his journey into the career of an Auctioneer. Since then he has been auctioning real estate coast to coast and across international waters. From elegant plantation homes to spectacular waterfront homes. The years of experience and learning has made him the auctioneer America loves. In fact, each week viewers watch him auction renovated homes on television. Yet, Myers Jackson is not done when the cameras stop rolling for the day. Away from the set he is traveling state to state auctioning real estate. He carries licensure as a real estate broker and auctioneer in more than twenty states. As a matter of fact, one state in which Myers Jackson is a licensed real estate auctioneer is Mississippi. Myers Jackson MCAL1302. Now, one does not just wake up one day, decide to be an auctioneer, find a gavel and chant away. No. There is so much more to being an auctioneer than talking fast. Each state has rules and regulations that auctioneers are to adhere to. Coupled with intense education such as that offered by the Western College of Auctioneering. Let’s take a look at the regulations pertaining to Mississippi auctioneers. First of all are the basic initial conditions. Those are a high school diploma or GED and being 18 years or older. Then there is auctioneer education. This may be attained by attending an auction school such as the aforementioned Western College of Auctioneering. Or through an apprenticeship by a licensed auctioneer. Furthermore, it may be necessary to obtain an additional license in some of Mississippi’s counties or municipalities. In Mississippi, once licensed, continuing education is not required. Also in Mississippi, online only auctions do not require state licensing. Additionally, $10,000 bond or insurance is required. Lastly, licenses last for 2 years expiring in odd years on March 1st. Therefore, when buying or selling real estate in Mississippi, turn to an auctioneer with years of experience. Myers Jackson MCAL1302 exudes the utmost dedication and integrity. Read More

Making Online Offers

Making Online Offers

Making offers online at  Making offers online at is a viable way of buying real and personal property. Real property buyers are accustom to buying online and for the past 16 years Myers JAckson has bee helping buyers and sellers make that heppen. This process will allow you to have internet bidding. You (a registered buyer (user) must create and account and then register for each sale that you wish to make a bid (offer). Bid increments are automatically set by the online bidding system Þ  A registered buyer may make a proxy bid or use the max bid tool. (other users do not see your max bid)  Þ  A registered buyer may view the property with video previews, photos, or facetime live tour.  ·     A registered buyer will have opportunity to physically inspect the property. ·     Normal inspections may be scheduled prior to sale by buyer or representative. Þ  A registered buyer may view the property with video previews, photos, or facetime live tour.  ·     Ask for an appointment that will accommodate social distaining requirements.  ·     Registered buyers may sign all documents via an approved electronic signature portal provided by the Broker, Auctioneer or Agent. Þ  Registered buyers will receive electronic documents for review and submission.      Þ  After registration you may be required to submit additional documents as per General or specific terms and conditions.  Þ  Earnest Money, Deposits, Service Fees, shall be due at the time of offer.  Þ Transactions are kept confidential, however bid history may be shown with seller permissions. Making online offers at is a useful way to transaction the purchase and sale of property. Real the general terms and conditions and special terms and conditions for each sale.     Read More

Mississippi Real Estate Broker

Mississippi Real Estate Broker

Myers Jackson Sells Mississippi Real Estate Mississippi, the Magnolia State. Over 48 thousand sq miles of green, rolling hills and gorgeous waterfront views. Of course, there is Mississippi Real Estate for Sale in each of the state’s 82 counties. Either relaxing lake front, spacious luxury or cozy country homes. Near shopping and amenities or secluded in the quiet countryside. There are even homes in Mississippi for those who love the challenge of a flip. Indeed, hiring a broker who is highly skilled has many benefits. Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971 has 20 years of real estate experience. His years of knowledge and expertise make him the ideal choice for either commercial or residential real estate. In fact, Mississippi is a state which requires auctioneers possess a real estate brokers license when selling real estate via an auction. Even if the auctioneer’s only task is calling bids. If he/she is doing so at a real estate auction, Mississippi requires that the auctioneer have both licenses. Myers Jackson is licensed in the state of Mississippi as an auctioneer as well as a real estate broker. Mississippi Real Estate Forms Understandably, each real estate transaction requires forms for examination and signatures. For instance, the Working with a Real Estate Broker form. In the first meeting with Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971, clients receive this form. All parties read it over and any questions are addressed and answered. At which time all parties sign the form. The clients receive a copy of this form and Myers Jackson keeps a copy on file. Markedly two topics clients will see on this from are Buyer’s Agent and Seller’s Agent. ● Buyer’s Agent A licensed broker representing only the buyer as the agent. The duties and obligations of agents in this agreement are those consisting of confidentiality, disclosure, loyalty and obedience handled with skillful care to the buyer; and, of course, fairness and honesty to both the buyer and the seller. ● Seller’s Agent Sellers who enlist Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971 are entitled to the same duties and obligations as buyers are. The differentiating feature is that the agent shall disclose any known facts pertaining to the property’s value which all parties involved are not aware of. Certainly, these transactions require more forms. Not to mention commitment and diligence from the beginning to the last gavel call. Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971 brings his years of experience, knowledge and skills. As well as his unparalleled dedication to get your home and/or property listed, marketed and #soldsoldsold. Call him today at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828. Read More

Myers Jackson License Disclosures

Myers Jackson License Disclosures

Myers Jackson License Disclosures - Texas Real Estate Broker 698695 / Licensed Texas Auctioneer AU17057 Buyer’s Premiums Added / Buyer Inspections at Own Risk / Terms and Conditions Apply / Subject to Confirmation / Multiple Bidding Systems may be used including Mobile APPs in connection with Live Bidding and Written Offers.  Online Site  is an Internet Bidding Service to Online Only Auctioneers-Agents-Sellers as a Marketing Consult and Internet Based Competitive Bidding System.  Myers Jackson Real Estate Broker: AL, CT, FL, GA, KS, KY, MS, NM, NY, OK, PA, TN. Myers Jackson Auctioneer: Florida AB3428-AU2726, Georgia AU003046, Mississippi 1302-1303F, Louisiana AU1805, South Carolina AU4313, Ohio 201000042, Indiana AU11200062, Pennsylvania AU5771, Virginia AU004173, Kentucky RP3306, Tennessee AU6671, North Carolina 9339-9331.     Read More

mississippi real real estate auctions

Mississippi Auction Company - Myers Jackson 1303F

Mississippi Auction Company - Myers Jackson 1303F In excess of 30 million acres of land makes up the great state of Mississippi.  Day in and day out throughout the Magnolia State real estate is bought and sold.  From the quiet countryside all the way to the close knit suburb and everything in between. The single level starter home that is now too small for its growing family.  Or the exquisite luxury home that is now too large for the empty nesters. Even the homes needing to be  .   A uniquely effective selling approach is available which some homeowners may not know about.  This being the auction method of selling real estate.    Indeed, Mississippi has an auction business offered by a familiar name ready to help homeowners get their property sold.   .  Myers Jackson is a house hold name.  In part due that he is the auctioneer on DIY Network’s Texas Flip and Move.  Each Friday Myers Jackson takes his place in the podium with his Texas-size gavel auctioning renovated homes to the highest bidder.  This may be his sole task with the reality show, but it is not the sole task in his career.  That being another reason Myers Jackson is a household name.    Notably, Myers Jackson hold licensure in numerous states throughout the U.S.  including that of Mississippi Auction business MCAC1303F.  In  Myers Jackson has successfully auctioned real estate.  The Mississippi Auctioneer Commission mandates many regulations for auctioneers.  Some of which include:  Beginning with the methods by which auctions are advertised. It is imperative that adequate wording be adhered to in all advertisements or find themselves in violation. For example, advertising a big ticket item with the sole motivation to gain a larger attendance while having no intent to actually auction said item.  Then there is the identification card which must be carried in the pocket of auctioneers during any auction.  The auctioneer need be prepared to present the card in the event of an inspection.  These cards detail the name of the auctioneer or firm, license number and expiration dates.   Another regulation is the use of name and license number by an auction frim, yet not participating in conducting the business.  This is a violation, holding more violations if advertising was involved.  Moreover, Myers Jackson MCAC1303F is duly licensed.  He has received all necessary education and has paid all fees.  He conducts business with the utmost dignity and integrity.  When it is time to sell real estate in Mississippi, contacting  is a winning choice.    Read More

Virginia Licensed Auctioneer

Virginia Licensed Auctioneer

Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173. As a licensed auctioneer, Myers Jackson has the ability sell personal property via auction. At live and online auction. Recent world events set online auctions up as the ideal option. Through this method, items can sell to anyone in the state or the country without either ever needing to leave the house. Myers Jackson can sell various pieces of personal property at auction in Virginia. Antiques, collectibles, storage units, to name a few. Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer Selling via Online-Only Auctions Certainly, current events require more being done online. Auctions are no different. In fact, Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173 has been advocating the benefits of online-only auctions for quite some time. An online-only auction brings a larger group of bidders to the auction. These bidders have the opportunity to bid from the comforts of home with the click of a mouse or using a mobile device in the blink of an eye. The auctioneer you choose to handle your auction should have an exceptional resume. To start with Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173 is a member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). His knowledge and expertise in social media marketing and SEO has helped him in this career he loves. “A crucial factor in an online-only auction succeeding is to be found in an online search,” Myers Jackson explains. “When customers type in an item or an area, you want your auction to be the first and foremost result. I have the training to achieve that.” Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer and Online-Only Auctions As technology improves and more shopping is being done online, auctions are growing right along with the trend. More and more people are turning to ordering groceries and other needs and items online and having them delivered to their doorstep. Equally as easy is bidding on an item in an online-only auction and having the won items delivered. Still, yet, there are instances in which an auction needs to be live. Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173 loves the atmosphere of a live auction. He enjoys meeting people and bringing excitement to the auction. He has a remarkable ability to grab the attention of the room during an auction. He holds that attention until his final call of “Sold, Sold, Sold!” Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer also utilizes his talents through helping Charitable Organizations raise much needed cash for their cause. Read More

Georgia Auctioneer

Georgia Auctioneer

Georgia Auctioneer Myers Jackson AU003046 Georgia has an auctioneer with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge available for all of their real estate and personal property needs. Continue reading to learn more… As a Georgia Auctioneer, Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer offers auction services in the Peach State. As an auctioneer in Georgia, Myers must adhere to a code of ethics which provides his clients with exceptional service. In fact, Myers works tirelessly to deliver the best possible results to his clients. Beginning with the initial phone call. Simply give him a call or send him an email. He will contact you back promptly and answer any and all questions you have. or commission questions? He will discuss those with you. He will even come to you to meet and put together a plan. Then he puts into motion his proficient marketing wisdom. This puts your property in front of more eyes increasing its selling potential. Whether a live or online, or reserve auction, the utmost dedication goes into the entire process from listing to the final hammer call. He also integrates his training in search engine optimization. His phenomenal photography skills capture every angle of the beauty to your property. All of this together creates appeal to what you are selling. Therefore, whether you are selling a house, some land, or both, contact Myers Jackson Georgia Auctioneer AU003046. He will sell commercial real estate at auction. He will sell residential real estate at auction. Are you selling farmland? He will sell farmland and acreage at auction. He will also sell personal property such as antiques or collectibles at auction. Additionally, Myers does benefit and auctions. For all of your auction needs, contact Myers Jackson at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828. Then get ready to get your property sold, sold, sold! Read More

Florida Auctioneer

Florida Auctioneer

Florida Gave Us America's Favorite Auctioneer Florida is where he ran barefoot through the grass and climbed trees. It is where he attended school creating lifelong friendships. Under the Florida sun is where a small boy with big dreams would eventually become America's Auctioneer. Myers Jackson's birth state is the state in which he first became a licensed auctioneer. Twenty years later he is a licensed auctioneer in over a dozen additional states. The Sunshine state birthed the auctioneer with an equally bright personality. Now you might ask, what does Florida Auctioneer Myers Jackson AB3428-AU2726 auction. A big smile beams across his face and his eyes light up. "Do you have real estate to sell? A home overlooking the beach? A place in the middle of a wooded lot? I will sell it at auction." He continues, "I will also conduct personal property and benefit auctions." In fact, in many circumstances real estate is also referred to as real property-land and anything immovable attached to it. Personal property is anything moveable from the land. If you have a home in Florida with all of its contents that you are looking to sell at auction, the home and its lot or acreage is real property, while the contents of the home are personal property. Myers Jackson Florida Auctioneer AB3428-AU2726 will auction all types of Florida real estate. Homes whether they are single story or multi-level. Residential or commercial. On a lot in town or a home on acreage. Within walking distance to the beach or waterfront. Indeed there are advantages to selling your real estate at auction. For instance, bringing multiple bidders interested in your property resulting in a bidding war. There are live auctions as well as the growing popular online auction. Online auctions have the benefit of bringing together a larger amount of bidders. Those who may not be able to be on location the day of the auction still have the option to place their bid. Do you have real estate for sale in Florida? Contact Myers Jackson Florida Auctioneer AB3428-AU2726 today at 844-400-AUCTION, that's 844-400-2828. He will get your property sold, sold, sold! Read More

Kansas Real Estate Broker

Kansas Real Estate Broker

Kansas Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson Myers Jackson is licensed as a Kansas Real Estate Broker. His journey into real estate began in 1999 in the state of his birth – Florida. He brings twenty plus years of expertise and knowledge to each sale. As well as his dedication to get property sold, sold, sold. As of August of 2018 Myers has been licensed as a Kansas Real Estate Broker #00241352. In order to receive his license, Myers had to meet certain criteria. Be at lease 18 years of age. He is a high school graduate having graduated in 1985. Previous experience, nearly twenty years at the time of his licensing. Then, of course, there are exams, applications and fees. Do you have real property for sale anywhere in Kansas? Have you considered selling via an auction? Whether live or online. Online auctions offer a wider range of potential as bidders can participate from anywhere. Your Kansas Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #00241352 is as well an auctioneer. Many states require real estate auctioneers hold licenses for auctioneering as well as brokering. Kansas, however, does not require an auction license. Therefore, when you have homes and or land to sell anywhere in the state, Myers Jackson is your Kansas Real Estate Broker . Throughout its 105 counties and 628 cities. Any types of houses. Be it a lake house, farm house or mansion Myers Jackson Kansas Real Estate Broker #00241352 gets them sold, sold, sold. Regardless of sizes and shapes. One or five bedrooms. Two living areas. A-frames. Single Family. Starter Homes. Or homes with a detached mother-in-law suite. It matters not if you are in the heart of the city or at the end of the last county road in town. Kansas Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #00241352 sells everything! Without hesitation, contact Kansas Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #00241352 for your real property for sale. Call him today at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828. Read More

myers jackson auctions general terms and conditions

General Terms & Conditions

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS with Specific Terms and Conditions are made a part hereto. (see the document section) BUYER’S PREMIUM AND AUCTIONEERS FEES   Any potential purchaser may create an online account at, register for the  prospective property sale. The bid placed may be used to determine the best offer subject to any other offer online or offline. If you desire you may make additional offers or bid during the process until the Auctioneer closes bidding after acceptance of a  qualified offer by the seller. Bid increments shall be administered by the agent up to the close of bidding.  Opening bids will be at the discretion of the Auctioneer being subject to refusal.  At bid award the buyer premium or any Auctioneers fee becomes property of the Auctioneer subject to  immediate deposit. Purchasers may not restrict, hold or demand repayment after the confirmation of sale.  In the event of collection procedures, the Auctioneer may use all lawful means necessary to collect and  recover all costs and attorney’s fees associated with this bid offering.  BID ADMINISTRATION  Bids (Offers) shall stand as submitted being subject to bid administration by the Broker-Auctioneer. Sellers  may accept bids including additional bids placed by the same bidder. Subject to acceptance of the best offer  of the bidder and/or bidder’s proxy that has willfully accepted terms that includes all conditions of sale,  payment of buyer premium and auctioneer fees, full payment of option money, closing costs or other costs  as determined by the seller. All bids shall be an instrument to calculate the bidder’s interest to purchase  property including but not limited to written offers, electronic submissions, voice, telephone, telecopier or  text. Bids may or may not be administered in the order received, subject for publication in public view, any bid being subject to higher bids being placed. Seller may accept without notice and property shall be subject  to sale without warning. Bid increments may be adjusted prior to or during the process of the sale. Bids  (Offers) may be updated in the online portal, Multiple Listing Services, Real Estate  Indexes or other public and/or private publications.  ABSENTEE BIDDING   A qualified user may place absentee bids. Commonly referred to as left bids or proxy bids can be used in  connection with MAX BIDDING. When a user leaves a max bid, this creates an offer in the maximum  amount a user is willing to offer plus all other requirements of the terms and conditions. Auctioneers and  Real Estate Brokers may evaluate all offers including the maximum bid placed by the user for the purpose  of determining the higher offer acceptable by the seller. Competitive bids including any bid with maximum  value shall be used to establish the best offer. Users may increase a maximum bid amount prior to end of  sale. Absentee offers, maximum bids, written offers or otherwise that are attempted placed after expiration  of time may or may not be taken into consideration.   MULTIPLE OFFER MANAGEMENT   Multiple Offer Management is a Trademark licensed to Myers Jackson America's Auctioneer, and restricts  unauthorized use thereof.  APPOINTMENTS  Purchasers may schedule an in-person appointment prior to the sale. Such appointments may be related to  home inspections, surveys, ground reports, document review, or other inspections the purchaser would  request. All will be at the purchaser’s expense in advance. ELECTRONIC ACCEPTANCE OF DOCUMENTS  Purchaser accepts the transfer of documents, including but not limited to purchase and sale agreements,  addendums, any amendment to contract, survey, inspection documents, terms and conditions, wire  instructions or any document. Purchase and Sale agreements may be delivered through third-party time  stamped facilitation services including but not limited to DocuSign, Zip Forms or comparable third-party  systems to deliver and retrieve signed documents.  NON-COMPLIANCE  Participants are named successful high bidder and fail to execute the Purchase and Sale Agreement and/or  remit the earnest deposit with 6 hours of the Purchase and Sale Agreement being delivered, the participant  will be responsible for a Non-Compliance Fee of up to 10% of offer. This Non-Compliance Fee is a penalty  for failing to abide by the Terms and Conditions of sale. Broker/Auctioneer at its discretion shall charge  the credit card on file, retain deposits or use any other means necessary to collect such fees subject to  attorney fees and court costs. Any bidder that fails to execute a Purchase and Sale Agreement and/or remit  an earnest deposit may also be prohibited from bidding on future sale offerings. The Seller, Broker,  Auctioneer, upon Non-Compliance by a bidder, reserves the right to immediately offer the property for  sale. Purchaser(s) shall be made subject to deficiencies, cost to recover, attorney fees and court costs.   SUCCESSFUL BIDDER DEFAULT  A successful bidder that fails to close per the specific terms of the purchase and sale agreement for any  reason shall be required to release their earnest deposits, option money and buyer’s premium as directed by  the Seller as nonexclusive liquidated damages as outlined.   ADDITIONAL TERMS  The seller shall reserve all rights to remove, cancel bids, suspend bidding rights or privileges of any party  at any time deemed not to be in the best interest of the seller. All items are subject to prior sale or removal  from the auction. General Terms, Special Terms and Conditions shall be amendments to the purchase and  sale agreement.  CLOSING  Time being of the essence, this sale shall be closed within the appointed time after acceptance offer together  with acceptable commitment to produce a regulatory insured title policy subject to permitted policy  exceptions and or other required exclusions. This transaction is not contingent upon financing. Buyers will  be responsible for all closing costs and may select the closing officer of their choosing. All Earnest money  deposits shall be placed in escrow until closing. The Purchaser will be charged 100% cost of the title  insurance policy which is based on the purchase price and 100% of all other closing costs {by purchasers  closing agent} per real estate transaction per property, and this fee may include the following: conducting  the closing; collecting and disbursing funds at closing; title abstract; document/deed preparation, preparing  a closing statement and closing attorney fee. If the Purchaser needs additional services, they may be  requested or provided by the purchaser's closing agent. Any additional closing fees including, but not  limited to, escrow fees, attorney fees, documentary stamps, recording stamps, financing expenses,  intangible taxes, title fees, appraisals, inspection reports, any additional legal work required by a lender  including 100% of any lenders title insurance policy will be the Purchaser’s expenses. Ad Valorem Taxes  will be prorated between Seller and Purchaser, as of the date of closing. Seller will not be responsible for  any other closing costs or fees. DEFAULT  Should Buyer default. Buyer shall forfeit deposits, Buyers Premium, Auctioneer Fees, option money and  shall be subject to recovery of additional funds for loss, injury or collections in the process to sale, resale  or otherwise recover costs including any attorney fees and court costs.  Should Seller default, Seller shall repay all costs associated with sale including Buyers Premium,  Auctioneers Fees, costs associated with closing, surveys and closing costs.  POSSESSION  Possession of the real estate will be granted to the purchaser at closing and funding. Possession may be  granted under separate agreement between the purchaser and seller.   INDIVIDUAL PURCHASES  Individual purchases are to be considered as a single transaction not contingent upon acceptance of any  other bids by the Seller. Seller has the right to sell this Property in any form or fashion that is legal and  ethical in order to produce the best offer to the Seller.  PAYMENTS  All purchases shall be subject to payments directly or indirectly as prescribed by Broker/Auctioneer. Wire  transfer, cashier’s check or other verifiable liquid payment shall be issued or made readily available at the  time of purchase immediately after Bid Award. Non-payment shall constitute default of the terms and  conditions. Buyers may be subject to additional collection fees, including but not limited to all collection  costs, attorney fees, court costs or other recovery costs associated with the sale.  REPRESENTATION  Purchaser and Seller acknowledge and agree that the only Broker/Agent/Auctioneer involved in this  transaction is Myers Jackson Licensed Broker, Auctioneer, as Agent for the Seller in this transaction.  Broker/Auctioneer has not acted as agent in this transaction for the Purchaser. Participating Brokers may  be identified in the Broker participation agreement.  . . SURVEY  If the Purchaser wishes to have a survey, the Purchaser may select the surveyor of their choice and must  abide by the terms and conditions of this real estate offering. Two (2) copies of each of the certified surveys,  if any, must be delivered to both the Closing Agent at least ten (10) days prior to the Closing. Purchaser  will pay for all costs associated with the survey. The Auctioneer/Broker, the Closing Agent and each of  their respective employees, attorneys and agents expressly disclaim any liability for alleged loss or damage  which may result from reliance upon such map, plat, survey or diagram. Any such map, plat, survey or  diagram is for reference only and has been provided for the convenience of the bidders. The Purchaser  shall not rely on estimated field measurements but shall rely on its own due diligence and judgment. The  Property shall be sold subject to: (a) visible easements or claims of easements not shown by the public  records, and shown graphically on any survey, map or subdivision plats, and (b) boundary line disputes,  overlaps, encroachments, and any matters not of record that would be disclosed by an accurate survey and  inspection of the Property.  PROPERTIES OFFERED DIVIDED  Tract or Tracts of property may be offered divided. A larger parcel may be split into smaller parcels. These  subdivided tracts may be purchased in combinations or as a whole. The purchaser shall pay for surveys or  other fees associated with the divided tract. Plat maps may be conditional. SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF THE SALE  1. Seller’s presently have title to this Property. At the time of closing, Seller’s agree to convey a marketable title to  said Property by deeds as described and subject only to (1) zoning ordinances affecting said property; (2) general  utility, sewer, road, and drainage easements of record; government easements, rights-of-way, covenants, restrictions,  encumbrances and other matters of record, if any issued by any government agency for any use perpetual or limited  by contract or deeded restrictions in all forms (3) subdivision easements, covenants and restrictions of record, if any;  and (4) leases, other easements, other restrictions and encumbrances specified herein. This property is selling subject  to visible easements or claims of easements not shown by the public records, shown or not shown graphically on  subdivision plats or other maintained records, prescribed use easements recorded or unrecorded, boundary lines  disputes, overlaps, encroachments, and any matters not of record that would be disclosed by an accurate survey and  inspection of the premises. This Property is sold subject to all outstanding easements on said property for roads of  public record or private use being granted, prescribed, leased or otherwise conveyed easements of power, electronic  and telephone lines and the like and likewise subject to any cemetery or cemeteries that may now exist on this property  rights of the public to use and gain access to any cemetery lying within the bounds of the land described.  2. All properties may be subject to lien holder’s approval and may be presented for short sale approval if applicable.  However, no guarantee will be made by the seller. Purchaser will agree to all extensions required by the seller,  Financial Institutions, Federal, State and Local Courts of Jurisdiction and will accept all extensions until approval can  be executed. Purchaser and seller agree that the earnest money deposits shall be held in the broker's escrow account  and can be transferred upon request to the closing agent. Any earnest money deposit shall continue to be held during  the course of the contract, including any extension period or time required for acceptance in conjunction with any  short sale, lien holder approval, Federal, State or Local Court actions needed to assure the seller’s ability to satisfy  and deliver a marketable title. In the event a final contract agreement cannot be reached between all parties, earnest  money will be returned, and each party will be held harmless.  3. Auctioneer/Broker, and Sellers do not warrant or covenant with Buyer with respect to the existence or nonexistence  of any pollutants, contaminants or hazardous waste prohibited by federal, state or local law or claims based thereon  arising out of the actual or threatened discharge, release, disposal, seepage, migration or escape of such substances at,  from or into the demised premises. Buyer is to rely upon its own environmental audit or examination of the premises. 4. This property is being sold subject to all laws federal, state or local law concerning any species that may be listed  as threatened, endangered or otherwise protected as disclosed on the plat attached. It is the responsibility of the  purchaser to inspect the property and the purchaser(s) shall rely on their own investigation in conjunction with the  purchase of this property. Seller shall have no obligation to extend the contract-closing period and purchaser will not  be granted any inspection period after the final gavel call.  5. A detailed title search has not been conducted; therefore, Auctioneer/Broker, and Seller are not positive as to the  status of the oil, gas and mineral rights. The Seller may, at direction, convey interest in any oil, gas, or mineral rights  to the Purchaser unless stated in writing and any prior reservations shall stand as reserved. Furthermore, oil, gas or  mineral rights previously sold, conveyed or rescinded will not be conveyed to the Purchaser and such rights may be  offered as a separate conveyance unrestricted to other purchasers.   6. Subject to roll back taxes for residential, commercial or other use including homestead exemption. 7. Purchaser will be responsible for any clean-up of debris and accepts property in the “as is” condition. 8. Property may be subject to any association dues, fees, annual costs or other assessment as required by the covenants,  additionally subject to the restrictions thereof. Purchaser may be required to pay for and assume fees in conjunction  with Owner Association Requirements and shall become the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. 9. Rights or claims of parties not in possession and not shown by the public records.  10. Any lien, or right to a lien, for services, labor or material heretofore or hereafter furnished, imposed by law and  not shown by the public records. Taxes or special assessments which are not shown as existing liens by the public  records. DISCLAIMER  Brokers/Auctioneer and the Sellers have gathered this information and believe it to be correct to the best of our  knowledge. All documents and information are being furnished to the bidder for the bidder’s convenience, and it is  the responsibility of the bidder to determine that information contained herein is accurate and complete. Any reliance  on the contents shall be solely at the bidder’s risk. These documents are being provided without any replacement warranty or  representation of condition, express or implied, as to its content, its suitability for any purpose or its accuracy, truthfulness or  completeness. Each Purchaser must conduct and rely solely upon its own investigation and inspection, including room  sizes and square foot measurements in the entirety of any/all structures with any calculation in part or as a whole.  Further, all parties acknowledge and agree that the Property is being sold "AS IS" with any and all faults. The Seller  shall have no obligation for repairs or replacements noted in any inspection(s) made by or for the Purchaser. Such  repairs or replacements shall be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. All contracts will be presented at the close of  the Sale with specific Seller instructions. Seller may remove property from the sale during or at any time prior to the  end of sale and at the Seller’s discretion; Seller may accept the offer with the best terms. Broker/Auctioneer and/or  Seller may bid or rebid on any property in tracts, combination of tracts or as a whole, defense of a bid or any bid  increment vital to producing the highest and best price under the terms and conditions of the Seller. Furthermore, it  will be the Seller’s discretion to accept any additional increase on any posted bid by any individual tract purchase,  combination, defense of bids or any upset bid during or after any bid has been posted and prior to final confirmation  and reserves the liberty of bidding until the acceptance in the form of a purchase and sale agreement in writing. Online  offers may be transferred to live auction events or vice versa being subject to terms and conditions of any sale.  Furthermore, all bids shall be posted and presented accordingly as announced by the Auctioneer. Bids may be accepted  without notice to any party. Seller shall have the right to enter into a purchase contract without notice.  AUCTIONEER’S NOTE FOR ACCEPTED PROCEDURES:  Broker/Auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids from all qualified bidders to include but not limited to: Live  Auctions, Online Auction Platforms, Written Bids, Electronic Bids, Fax Bids, or Written offers during before or after  the bidding period. If you are looking to buy this item, you are invited to make your best offer, however your offer  may not be the best offer, the sellers reserve the right to evaluate all bids and make final decisions on acceptance based  on all offers. Make your best offer; Auctioneers will further reserve the right to cross-reference bidders to evaluate the  best offer across all bidding availability. By registration, the Auctioneer is allowed to update new information as it  becomes available. A permanent bidder’s number may be issued at Myers Jackson apps or other bidding platforms. F  Future notices may be received via electronics, certified or standard mail subject to privacy policy. It is further  understood that this auction is subject to Film, TV and Photography and all parties hereby release Auctioneer from  any and all liability without recourse. You herby authorize the use of Film and Photography with distribution rights  throughout the universe without restriction. Such distribution shall not be restricted, and no claim shall be administered  upon Auctioneer, Brokers or Agents thereof. All rights or Film and/or photography shall remain with Myers Jackson.  It is expressly understood that the terms and conditions set forth are authorized by the sellers and the purchase and  sale will be between the purchaser and sellers. Auctioneer is acting as an agent for the seller, however, shall not be  responsible for any contract action between the parties. No party shall alter, use, reuse, mark, stamp or reproduce this  document without the express written consent of Myers Jackson, these actions shall instigate default of the purchaser.  Furthermore, I agree to a NON-Disclosure of bids or final offers to include the written purchase and sale agreement  until such time the purchase amount is made public by legal means.  INTENDED USE OF THIS DOCUMENT  Informational purposes only. Purchasers should not rely solely on the information present in this or other documents.  Claims against will not be applicable. Auctioneers, Brokers and/or Agents disclaims all liability in connection with  this sale.   I agree to all Terms & Conditions of Sale:  Bidder Signature Print Name Date Make the offer with the use of a Buyer’s Premium  What is a buyer’s premium? For decades auctioneers have used buyer’s premiums in connection with sales  subject to multiple offers, competitive bid sales and/or auctions.   A buyer’s premium is a fee in addition to other closing costs and transaction fees paid by purchaser.  The amount of the buyer’s premium is addressed in the terms and conditions of sale in advance of the offer.   A prospective buyer may make an offer but must keep in mind that the offer amount is subject to the  percentage of flat fee amount required to finalize the offer.   Additionally, when making the offer the buyer’s premium will affect the final out of pocket amount the  buyer will need to appropriate to affect the sale. An example is set forth in the space below.    Final Bid Final Bid $100,000.00 $1,000,000.00  $ 10,000.00 Buyer’s Premium: 10% $ 100,000.00  $ 10,000.00 Amount Paid to Auctioneer $ 100,000.00  The amount of the buyer’s premium may vary from sale to sale. Reading the terms and conditions prior to  the offer will be important in order to determine the final payments required. The buyer’s premium may be  considered and out of pocket expense for services rendered by the Auctioneer or Agent that will administer  the bidding procedures.   Auctioneers provide marketing services, sale of real property, sale of personal property, administer multiple  offers in live out cry public sales and/or sales utilizing online or APP bidding platforms.  Think of the Auctioneer as a legal service provider such as a surveyor, an attorney or a home inspector.  Auctioneers work on a commission basis or in some cases a flat fee basis. Check the terms and conditions  for each sale.   Auctioneers may be Real Estate Brokers or Real Estate Agents in addition to an Auctioneers License. Ask  the Auctioneer questions about the administration and the use of a buyer’s premium.  For a list of license disclosure, write Myers Jackson and request.  Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer  Multiple Offer Management  844-400-2828Read More

Buyers Premium

Buyers Premium

America's Auctioneer Myers Jackson Explains Buyers's Premium America's Auctioneer Myers Jackson Explains Buyer’s Premium How does Myers Jackson get paid? He explains the buyer’s premium-sellers commission-flat fee payment. The answer is Yes - all of the above. An Auctioneer may negotiate the percentage or fee to be paid when services are rendered. Services rendered are complete when Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer says his 3 famous words, “Sold, Sold, Sold!”, or upon an agreement between the buyer and seller. Now in most instances, the Auctioneer has the seller’s authority to transfer the property when the Auctioneer says “Sold! Sold! Sold!” While Myers Jackson consults with Sellers prior to auction, Buyers are notified in advance of the buyer’s fees. These notifications include auction terms and conditions as well as auction announcements. Not to mention an announcement made by Myers Jackson at the start of the auction. The percentage of pay varies and is assessed on an individual contract basis. For availability, Myers Jackson Percentage, Buyers Premium, Sellers Commissions message me here. Myers Jackson Explains Buyer’s Premium The home has everything your family needs and wants. It is in the right neighborhood and school district. The yard has plenty of space for the kids and pets to play. You have studied the home’s stats on your real estate agent’s website. It’s finally auction day. As the auction begins the auctioneer announces the buyer’s premium. “What is a buyer’s premium?” you ask? Case in point Myers Jackson’s Percentage is not without dictation prior to the sale. He states it at the start of each of his auctions. Keep in mind that auctioneers do not merely make an appearance on auction day, chant a few fast-spoken words, then head to the next town. No. Truth is that the auctioneer has been working hard to prepare the auction for weeks, perhaps even longer. For example, marketing the upcoming auction with its details and lots. Myers Jackson Explains Buyer’s Premium In the case of a real estate auction, the auctioneer is also a licensed auctioneer and real estate agent or broker. Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer, CAI, AARE, BAS, CES recently just received his license as a Texas Real Estate Broker. Myers travels the state and the nation conducting auctions – be they real estate, personal property or veteran fundraisers. Terms and conditions for each auction may differ, yet the one thing that you can always count on is that Myers will state the Buyer’s Premium at the beginning of the auction. Where as the client receives their pay for the property they are auctioning, the Buyer’s Premium allows the auctioneer to receive pay for the hard work they have put into the auction during its duration from start to finish. Not only is Myers a real estate broker and Auctioneer in Texas, he is as well licensed as a broker, agent and/or auctioneer in as many as 24 states. You can follow his various auctions live on site and online. Pay close attention to many of the photos of the lots in these auctions. Look for Myers Jackson’s watermark. He is a phenomenal photographer spending many hours photographing the lots for his real estate, personal property and fundraiser auctions. As you can see, much effort is put in on the auctioneer’s behalf besides just taking bids and swinging a gavel. America's Auctioneer Myers Jackson Explains Buyer’s Premium Now, the question at hand. What exactly is the buyer’s premium? The seller pays the auctioneer by means of a commission. On the other hand, the winning bidder pays the auctioneer the buyer’s premium. The percentage is disclosed by the auctioneer prior the auction. It is state law where regulated. This is communicated verbally at the start of the auction and in the content of the terms and conditions bidders must agree to when registering for the auction. The buyer’s premium percentage rate is added to the sale price prior to tax. With buyer’s premium going to the auctioneer and taxes going to the appropriate local and state entities. Buyer’s Premium and the Taxes: Collection of taxes is on the auction’s total which includes the winning bid and the buyer’s premium. Buyer’s Premium dictates the total sale amount in both live and online auctions. Now the buyer’s premium may vary from auction to auction. As will the taxes which will depend on the county and state that the auction is taking place. Real Estate Contracts have no tax added. Myers Jackson Explains Buyer’s Premium Many factors can affect the turn out of an auction. It may have been raining for weeks and the day of the auction is greeted with mud and still more rain, therefore no one comes out for the auction. The auctioneer has invested a lot of effort and work to prepare the auction to have no turn out. Yet, it may be a beautiful cloudless day with a comfortable breeze bringing more people than expected to the auction. So, as we see, the buyer’s premium is paid by the winning bidder to the auctioneer for their work not only during the auction but leading up to it as well. Considering all of the efforts on behalf of the auctioneer preparing the auction, this percentage is very well deserved. Myers Jackson Explains Buyer’s Premium Read More

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Real Estate Auctions deliver fast service Myers Jackson America's Auctioneer delivers offers 95% faster than most any other agent. Real Estate Auctions are viable way to create urgency. Would you like to see if a Real Estate Auction could promote factors that can expedite better offers? Would would like in your Real Estate sale? Would you like More Offers on your Real Property? How Many would you like? Fill out the form to contact Myers Jackson, Real Estate Auctioneer? Your questions about Real Estate Auctions will be answered by a . Read More