Florida Auctioneer

Florida Gave Us America's Favorite Auctioneer

Florida is where he ran barefoot through the grass and climbed trees. It is where he attended school creating lifelong friendships. Under the Florida sun is where a small boy with big dreams would eventually become America's Auctioneer. Myers Jackson's birth state is the state in which he first became a licensed auctioneer. Twenty years later he is a licensed auctioneer in over a dozen additional states. The Sunshine state birthed the auctioneer with an equally bright personality.

Now you might ask, what does Florida Auctioneer Myers Jackson AB3428-AU2726 auction. A big smile beams across his face and his eyes light up. "Do you have real estate to sell? A home overlooking the beach? A place in the middle of a wooded lot? I will sell it at auction." He continues, "I will also conduct personal property and benefit auctions."

In fact, in many circumstances real estate is also referred to as real property-land and anything immovable attached to it. Personal property is anything moveable from the land. If you have a home in Florida with all of its contents that you are looking to sell at auction, the home and its lot or acreage is real property, while the contents of the home are personal property. Myers Jackson Florida Auctioneer AB3428-AU2726 will auction all types of Florida real estate. Homes whether they are single story or multi-level. Residential or commercial. On a lot in town or a home on acreage. Within walking distance to the beach or waterfront.

Indeed there are advantages to selling your real estate at auction. For instance, bringing multiple bidders interested in your property resulting in a bidding war. There are live auctions as well as the growing popular online auction. Online auctions have the benefit of bringing together a larger amount of bidders. Those who may not be able to be on location the day of the auction still have the option to place their bid.

Do you have real estate for sale in Florida? Contact Myers Jackson Florida Auctioneer AB3428-AU2726 today at 844-400-AUCTION, that's 844-400-2828. He will get your property sold, sold, sold!