Texas House Auction, Historic Fort Worth

Texas Flip and Move was started in this community.  The first home ever filmed on the DIY Channel starting a trend in house moving like no other in Texas was right here in Fort Worth. Fort Worth was the birthplace of the #1 hit show Texas Flip and Move and the mother to this house located to 4707 Washburn Ave.  Just as on the show, this house must be moved.  This is your chance to own a home and create your own flip and move.  The buyer can bid and offer your price.  Buyer must hire a Texas house mover to relocate the house to the property of your choice.  Buyer must allocate funding for permitting, the cost of the move and expenses directly related to the move and pay the costs thereof.  Own a piece of Fort Worth and become your own flipper and mover.    4707 Washburn Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76107 

4707 Washburn Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Ends on 7/31/2020